With 40 plus years collectively involved in the music, entertainment and design industries, one starts to realize that many services are similar too and apply too most fields of musical and visual stimulus. When you put many different creative minds in one place, one starts to realize the endless possibilities of growth and expansion of services that one place can provide.

Spot 8816 was designed and built with the consumer as the focus. We offer a “One-Stop” business motto. With an on site design department, recording studio, silk screen service, web site development and hosting and also a retail store, amongst many other services. We can provide your business, career or hobby a place to thrive.

One of our biggest services is helping people find what they need. If we don’t offer a product or service, one of our closely related affiliates can easily get you what your in search of. Spot 8816 is focused on networking. With high profile business executives as well as celebrities frequenting Spot 8816, what better place to meet people in your industry.

P.S. I strolled into work today late again wearing lizard skin loafers and an old Hawaiian shirt of my dads. Everyone is just staring at me in their business attire. Hahaha.