RAW Art by Manny Linx

Manny Linx as an artist is comparable to a true diamond in the rough.  Linx currently resides in the urban residential community of El Monte California and has not only been honing his skills as a painter, but striving to perfect his craft as an artist that was once torn between the mundane aspect of the everyday working life and his own creativity.
Linx is seemingly controlling his own destiny in the world of art with more than 50 original creations to his credit and counting.  The common theme for Linx is the ambiance within the atmosphere that is southern California.  The sun, moon, palm trees and blue skies dominate his pieces with his preferred backdrop being wood canvas.  Acrylic and spray cans are his preferred choices in his creations.
As an art student in his high school years, Linx was far advanced in comparison to his peers and simply stood out.  This allowed him to attend the Ryman Arts Program at USC during his junior year and he was also sent to the Art Center in Pasadena for his natural artistic abilities by his teachers without having to ask for their approval.  Linx was almost forced to go.
His ability to create pieces at a breakneck pace allows him to start on a piece in the wee hours of the morning and be done by the late night.  A harsh critique of his own work, Linx describes his art as “raw” with pieces ranging from normal to abstract in the purest form of artistry.
Linx himself has been featured in the Los Angeles based “Arts and Activities” magazine and also took 1st place for a piece featured at the Los Angeles Fair in 2004-2005.
In true artist form, Linx says about his work, “pieces are never finished and I can always do more.”

By Austen E. Marshell

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Manny Linx will have his art on display in the front room at SPOT 8816 November 10th starting @ 2pm. Come out for a chance to hang and meet the artist. For more info on the event Click Here